1. Meet your mates (with bikes if you have them) at the train station. If you’re smart, you’ll have already bought a GroupSave ticket to Shoreham, to make your travel even more affordable. Get on, play some cards, have a glass of wine and get ready for the fun to come. 
  2. From the train station, walk across to Shoreham Beach and then along to the Sussex Beach House, which you’ve wisely booked for the weekend.  If you don’t have bikes, you’ll need to hire them: Ms Cycles will do you proud. 
  3. Sussex Beach House sleeps 11 (so I hope you’ve bought plenty of friends). It’s right by the sea, got loads of room and surprisingly affordable. Get unpacked, get dressed and get ready for the evening to begin.  
  4. Everyone’s grateful you booked a large table at Chambers Bistro: the seafood paella’s incredible, the local Sussex cheese is to die for and the live Friday night jazz is making you forget all your woes. Just try not to forget how many you’ve had – there’s a big day ahead tomorrow. 


  1. After breakfast it’s time to get on the bikes and hit the cycle route to Worthing. 
  2. Along the Worthing parade you’ll find the Kite, Surf & SUP co. Here you can split up or stay together, depending on mood, as there’s a choice of kitesurfing and stand-up paddlebarding.
  3. If you discover a sport that’s the best thing since sliced-bread you can keep going all day. Or if you fancy some time out of the water, till lunch is fine too. 
  4. Speaking of lunch, head into the Café des Artistes. The food and coffee are both great, and there are sea and pier views to match.
  5. After a day in the water cycle back to Shoreham. It’s Into the Blue on the seafront for dinner tonight. Fresh seafood is again likely to be the dish of the day.  Get yourself a crisp sauvignon blanc, and start shelling those prawns. 
  6. Enjoy a quick nightcap and a stroll along the front before bed. Friendship doesn’t get any better than this.